UPDATE –—— February 4 • Moving towards engagement, workshop @WeWork, London GB. —— March 14-15 • Body.coding workshop @BaltanLaboratories, Eindhoven NL. —— October 17-25 • Body.coding presentation during DDW2020 @MU x @Baltanlaboratories, Eindhoven, NL.
Hi, I’m Alvin Arthur.
Guadeloupe born kinaesthetics designer, educator & creative director.
I bridge the gap between mainstream education and the way we engage in learning through our moving body.
I research how people can learn and perform programming (coding) by moving — or dancing — instead of typing on a keyboard.
See more about it in the current project Body.coding.
For the past 3 years,
I've worked with companies, schools, cultural institutions on involving bodily knowledge and practice in their day to day activities — in order to engage wholly in learning and creating.
Wether it is for creative process management, team building, computational thinking, UX, programming, public speaking — from kids to adults —, all these disciplines require bodily understanding and design. I bring people to realize it collectively as well as individually.
What is your next move?
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